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Our experienced teams operate out of offices based in Melbourne and Auckland.

We do more than simply project manage your visa application. The IMMagine team provides you with advice, information and support before and during your migration.

IMMagine employs a range of advisers who are also migrants, so we understand the logistical & emotional challenge of setting yourself up in a new country.

Eligibility Assessments
South Africa

Hamish is brilliant was able to answer all my questions. He has great knowledge, is friendly and approachable. I have been in contact with many immigration consultants/ companies for AUS/ NZ/ Canada but i got a very positive vibe from Hamish and the IMMagine team which made my decision easy. I’m looking forward to starting the process with IMMagine.


The experience throughout was fantastic, I felt like April and Myer had a thorough grasp of my situation and goals and were able to advise the best approach to the visa situation. From the very first conversation, I felt that they were operating from my best interests and only had the best advice. Of course, the Covid situation hampered (lengthened) the timeline a bit but that was out of anyone’s control. Despite this, April maintained regular communication with constant updates, which made me feel included in the journey, which led to less questions and anxiety about the progress of the application. April was also quick to respond to any of my questions, and patient when explaining anything, no matter how ‘silly’ the questions may have been. I would highly, highly recommend April, Myer and Immagine to anyone who is looking to migrate to Australia or New Zealand.

South Africa

Jo Marsh has done an absolutely amazing job, I have approached many lawyers before, but my case was unique. She did it capably and she fought for my case as a legend. Thanks Jo, from my deepest heart.


My Goodness!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very very much. It is an astonishing thing!!!!!!

I am not sure what to say and how to communicate. My heartful thanks to you. Without your support and guidance, it would not have been possible. You supported and guided me during all my tough times on this journey. I could always come to you for help, and you helped. I know I will continue to communicate with you, and you will be there with me always to guide and help me.

I am stopping it now because whatever I say, it doesn’t reflect my feelings.

Thanks once again to you and all the staff at IMMagine.

South Africa

Kane and his team are amazing, as a HR is my first experience with Immigration agency and they have the best customer service. I am very happy!

South Africa

We are still in shock Mate, I can’t believe the PR was finally granted. Myself, S and J can’t thank You enough for all Your guidance and patience an understanding over the last 7 years plus. You are a True Legend!

When we almost ran out of faith and was just about to throw in the towel, Your phone call and words of encouragement always helped. I can still remember the first day I met You in South Africa, You never sold Us a false hope but always spoke the facts. Which had never changed throughout our long journey together.

Thanks for always being there for Us, a shoulder to cry on. Lol

Highly appreciated!!!!

Once again, All Your efforts are Highly appreciated!

Michelle and Rob
South Africa

IMMagine changed another family’s life forever. Thank you!!!!!!!!. You have no idea how much you have all impacted our lives. The thought of  [returning] to SA gave us never ending nightmares and trauma. We are all here now and we are legal and we are ecstatic. Thank you Jo, Iain and the IMMagine Team.
I am eternally grateful for your professionalism and your service to us. I will always sing your praises wherever I go. My cup is full.
We have just moved to Dunedin to be closer to the children.
God Bless You and your families

South Africa

Our immigration journey was not easy, It started back in 2018 with us giving the visa applications a go our selves. But due to my pre-existing mental health condition our application process was complicated. From the first encounter Iain and the team were spectacular with guiding us and getting us on track. Immagine helped with our partner visa’s our EOI, Residence application and finally PR applications. And it was a pleasure to work with the team.


    Licensed Advisersexperienced & credibile

    Our success rate for visas is upwards of 99%. You won't get 98% of a visa from a government. It’s all or nothing. That's why choosing the right team to represent you is so important to a successful migration.

    The New Zealand and Australian Governments provide statistics that consistently show  us the high proportion of applications that are declined.

    In the case of IMMagine Immigration, we see that over 99.8% of our clients get the visas that we believe they are entitled to.



    Our Admin, Accounting & Support teamprofessional & efficient

    A machine with many moving parts needs good oil to work effectively. Our support team is the 'oil' of IMMagine. They keep the cogs spinning, the wheels turning, and your migration process running smoothly.