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Our experienced teams operate out of offices based in Melbourne and Auckland.

We do more than simply project manage your visa application. The IMMagine team provides you with advice, information and support before and during your migration.

IMMagine employs a range of advisers who are also migrants, so we understand the logistical & emotional challenge of setting yourself up in a new country.

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Angela M
South Africa

Kane was an incredible consultant to us. During our first meeting he quickly realised that we had options available to us that we did not believe possible (a reinstatement of our permanent residency visa after 10 years of not being in Australia). He was professional, knowledgeable, sensitive to our situation, and only took on what he felt would yield in a positive outcome. He spent a lot of time communicating with us to ensure that we submitted all the correct documentation, and further helped by providing referrals to professionals to help us with payments and moving companies. We would definitely recommend IMMagine immigration to others with an easy heart, and sincerely appreciate the extra mile that we are experienced. We didn’t just feel like clients, we felt that we had people that truly cared! Thank you Kane and team.

Gawan L
Hong Kong

ups and downs occasionally occurred in the journey from 2020 to 2023 for me to apply for 189 and 190 and even my unfavorite 491 visa. Though the feeling of worry and hardship for achieving the required points and score for the visa and IELTS/ PLT, and also to be admitted as an Australian lawyer were lost, it was really a difficult time due to the covid pandemic. I really do not think I could have an 189 visa all along and I am so glad to have it. I am so lucky to have Myer and Steve as my consultants to help, care and support me and answer my enquiries in full quickly. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tiffany and Lauren though they took care of my case for only a few months, and also Ruth for arranging the preliminary Zoom conference with Myer in October 2020 which was the beginning and reminding me of the deadline for payment. Anyway, I never forget all your kind and important assistance and let’s gather and keep in touch while I land and finally settle in Australia because I am fresh to the country and have no familiar people, friends or relatives there.

Satchit S
United States

IMMagine NZ has been incredible. You had told me at our first – screening – meeting that I should be prepared for an extraordinarily intrusive, highly bureaucratic, proctological exam. Well, there certainly was some of that. But it seems that it has ended well. Y’all have delivered. What remains (the investment piece and the days-lived-in-NZ bit) is now simply transactional, just a matter of process and implementation.

Esther has been great, as have all of the – many! – people that preceded her. Y’all have juggled many things, without dropping any balls. Very well done. Thank you again.

Hannes G
South Africa

Just want to say thanks again for assisting us with our visas and general info regarding our move from SA.

We really love it in Aus. Work is great and we are enjoying the people we have met in this short time.

Cheers mate!

Yoshua T

Chen, you are the best! As well as Myer, Kane, Iain, and my previous consultant Debbie and Tiffany, you guys gave me positive vibe, advised and encouraged me to gain my goal! I thought it was tough to migrate to Australia, yes actually it was, but with your hands everythings went through smoothly and always on track. You advised me how to get an invitation faster by gain my English score higher, to be honest I have tried IELTS test 4 times, and PTE exam 4 times, the last PTE exam was the best score I have ever had. Thank God, after I hit my desired score proficient, everything running smoothly and the processing time was fast. I remember Myer and Chen gave me spirit to resit the test again and achieve good score to secure an invitation, apply for visa, and got visa approved! I am really grateful and thank you so much for your professional work! I hope to be with you again for my next 191 visa.

Tricia N

We enjoyed the overall process with Steve. He is very knowledgeable and able to share his advise with us specially during the times when we are confused and overwhelmed by the documents and requirements that we needed to produce and processes that we needed to follow. We trusted his judgement to go with visa 189 rather than 190 and now we are grateful to have received the visa grant for the 189.

Kirsty E
South Africa

Chen was super patient with my anxiety and his confidence in getting our visa granted allowed me to rest easy. Even though we had an eight hour time difference, it made no difference to correspondence.

Chernelle E
South Africa

The best experience, hands down. We have had the most professional, supportive, understanding, attentive experience with IMMagine and our consultant Kane Downs has been a superstar. We could not have asked for anything more.


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    Our success rate for visas is upwards of 99%. You won't get 98% of a visa from a government. It’s all or nothing. That's why choosing the right team to represent you is so important to a successful migration.

    The New Zealand and Australian Governments provide statistics that consistently show  us the high proportion of applications that are declined.

    In the case of IMMagine Immigration, we see that over 99.8% of our clients get the visas that we believe they are entitled to.