Iain MacLeod

director & adviser

Iain has been working as an Immigration Adviser since 1988 and has been running his own practice since 1990. In 1998 he merged his practice with Myer Lipschitz leading to the creation of Protea Pacific Limited which was rebranded in 2008 to IMMagine New Zealand Limited. A former Vice Chairman and Director of the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment and also the New Zealand Immigration institute, Iain’s experience and understanding of the migration process led to his being appointed to the Government’s Working Group that established the Immigration Advisers Licensing Authority (IAA). In its first year of operation Iain was appointed as an Industry Representative to the IAA reference group. Iain holds a B.Sc from Auckland University and holds a full licence with the IAA.

Below you can find his weekly blog on all things migration is read by thousands under the pseudonym Southern Man