At IMMagine we prepare and process a full range of visa applications, both temporary and permanent visas.

We apply a rigourous process of ensuring that our clients are eligible for the visas that we apply for by inviting people to attend online seminars, complete free preliminary evaluations to conducting detailed consultations where we explain the most appropriate visa and the Department of Home Affairs requirements to obtain those visas.

Even after you become a client of ours, we apply quality control measures to ensure the highest standards before submitting any visa application or associated application such as skills assessment, nomination application or standard business sponsorship application. Each application is checked twice before submitted thereby ensuring our success rate of 99.9%.

see common Visa Types below

These are some of the main visa types we obtain for our clients:

Short Term Work Visas

Short-term work visas are classified as either short stay specialist visas, training visas or temporary activity visa.

Working holiday or work and holiday visas for those citizens of certain countries intending to holiday and work in Australia Graduate visa for those Engineers with certain qualifications from certain academic institutions Post study work visas for those completing courses of study in Australia

Business Visas

The Business Innovation Stream for those wanting to buy or establish businesses in Australia.

The Investor Stream for those looking for a more passive investment in Australian-managed investment funds.

The Significant Investor Stream – for those willing to invest more with certain exemptions relating to age and English-language ability.

The Entrepreneur Stream for those proposing an entrepreneurial activity relating to the commercialisation of a product or service or development of an enterprise in Australia.

Partner / Spouse Visas

A work and/or resident and/or permanent resident visa may be granted to the spouse, de-facto partner, or fiancé of an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident, based on the couple being in a genuine relationship.

Parent Visas

Contributory which costs more in government application fees but has a faster processing time.

Non-Contributory – costs less with longer processing time.

General Skilled Migration Visas

These are points tested visas that don't require offers of employment. There are three types namely: Independent visa, State Nominated visa and Family or State Nominated Regional Provisional visa.

Employer Sponsorship Visas

These include longer term work visas such as Temporary Skill Shortage visa, Employer Nomination Scheme permanent resident visa and Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (Provisional).

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