Immigration Case Studies

Once a refugee

South Africa

New Zealand


Migration Agent

Iain MacLeod





KB was a qualified and registered teacher in South Africa, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo who had fled to South Africa over twenty years beforehand. Having researched New Zealand and the potential opportunities available along with being the victim of a near-miss home invasion, he had decided to make the move. He quickly secured registration to teach in New Zealand and then just as quickly secured a job offer to work as a teacher in Northland.

KB applied for his own Work Visa but was declined on the grounds of not being a bona-fide temporary entry applicant (he had a job offer!). IMMagine took over the application to pursue the temporary Visas and then subsequently Residence.


Identify issues with previous applications

The first step was to untangle the previous applications and to try and establish exactly what had happened to lead INZ to a decline. This involved reviewing previous applications along with INZ’s notes and assessment details. It turns out that the applicant’s previous refugee status in South Africa (he was however a Permanent Resident for many years) lead INZ to determine that he might want to do the same heading to New Zealand (claim asylum). All of this despite being a qualified, experienced and registered teacher with a genuine, job offer. Having identified the issue, IMMagine set about breaking down that view with INZ and were able to forward a new temporary Visa application.


Applying for temporary Visa

Given the applicant’s nationality, INZ then decided to place a greater level of scrutiny on KB’s documents than most others including his relationship to his children and the veracity of their birth certificate documentation. This resulted in KB having to undergo DNA tests to prove that his children (all of whom had SA Permanent Residence based on him) were in fact his own. After much back and forth with INZ and a lost job offer (that was then replaced with another), the temporary Visas were eventually approved.


Apply as a Skilled Migrant

Once in New Zealand, we needed to secure Residence and the challenge then became KB’s age. However, after having worked in New Zealand for 12 months, we were able to put forward an application under the Skilled Migrant Category. As KB was in a registered occupation, his application was prioritised.

The Outcome

KB, his wife and their children now reside very happily in New Zealand and would live nowhere else.