Immigration Case Studies

Deported… no more


New Zealand


Migration Agent

Iain MacLeod





KS was an Egyptian national, who had been deported from Australia after living there unlawfully for 16 years. KS was in a relationship with a New Zealand citizen (JP) living in Sydney and the couple wanted to return to NZ to live together. JP had tried unsuccessfully through a lawyer, adviser and her local MP to secure a Visa for KS. On the verge of giving up entirely JP rang IMMagine to see if we could assist. We listened to the situation and explained the risks and issues, but then set about tackling what in the immigration world is a very complex issue – deportation.


Review previous applications

Our first step was to review the previous applications presented to INZ, wherein we found several relatively significant processing errors and oversights. We then prepared a request to the Minister to seek a “Special Direction” (the Minster has the power to intervene and grant any person a Visa), however before submitting this, we gave INZ senior management one last chance to review – knowing that no public servant likes to have their dirty laundry aired in front of their political bosses. Realising the errors made (and potential for embarrassment), they were quick to offer up another opportunity for us to present a new application and for it to be assessed by a more senior officer.


Presented new application with arguments

We compiled a solid application, with a substantial array of evidence and presented this to INZ, along with some very compelling arguments. After many more weeks of back and forth with INZ to put forward our request for a special direction, the application was approved and KS was able to travel to New Zealand to reunite with JP. The next challenge was to present the Residence application onshore, for which a further special direction was required. Bring on round two.

The Outcome

After filing the Residence application and several more months of jostling with INZ to demonstrate the genuine and compelling circumstances involved with this relationship (and application) the subsequent special direction was approved and KS was granted Residence. Upon delivering the good news to KS, he made one comment that has stuck with me (as the Advisor) forever – for the first time in almost 18 years, he felt like he had a place to call home.

Not just another Visa, but a life changed, for the good.