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June 5, 2024
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The 407 Training Visa is a temporary visa type in Australia designed for people to undertake workplace-based training. It’s an opportunity for individuals who wish to improve their skills in a professional field, enhance their employability, and gain practical experiences. The visa provides a structured and defined training programme which can be tailored to meet the needs of the visa holder and the requirements of the Australian workplace.

Applicants for this visa must be sponsored by an approved training organisation. These sponsors will be responsible for providing the training programme and ensuring that the visa holder’s experience is both educational and beneficial to their professional development. The visa is highly regulated to protect both the interests of the trainee and the integrity of the Australian training system.

Eligibility for the 407 Training Visa in Australia is dependent on meeting various criteria, including having a background that is relevant to the proposed training and a clear intention to improve occupational skills. While it isn’t a pathway to permanent residency, it does serve as a valuable stepping stone for individuals seeking to gain high-level skills and international work experience.

Immagine Immigration—a trusted immigration adviser—is here to provide details on eligibility, requirements, application process, sponsorship, nomination, and conditions for living in Australia on a 407 Visa.

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407 Training Visa Requirements and Eligibility

The 407 Training Visa is designed for those who seek occupational training to improve their professional skills. There are stringent criteria that must be met for eligibility and an array of requirements, from health standards to character checks, necessary for applicants.

407 Training Visa Requirements and Eligibility
Category Details
Eligibility Criteria Sponsored by an approved organisation, genuine intention to stay temporarily, functional English, relevant qualifications or experience.
Occupational Training Requirements Related to field of study or occupation, includes workplace-based training for skills improvement or registration, or capacity building overseas.
Health and Character Requirements Adequate health insurance, no outstanding debts to the Australian government, good character, and may require police certificates.
Application Process Lodging online application, gathering essential documents, understanding processing times and fees.
Essential Documents Valid passport, IDs, sponsor’s legitimacy documents, medical examination form (if required).
Visa Processing Time and Fees Average 3-4 months processing time, application fee of AUD 405.00.
Sponsorship and Nomination Approved sponsor, nomination detailing training programme, focus on practical experience, not employment.
Living in Australia Temporary stay up to 2 years, private health insurance required, may include family members, engage in community and volunteer activities.

Determining Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the 407 Training Visa, applicants must be sponsored by an approved organisation and have a genuine intention to stay in Australia temporarily. Prospective trainees must possess at least functional English, demonstrated through tests such as IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL. The applicant should have nominated an eligible occupation and the qualifications or experience relevant to the occupational training.

Understanding Occupational Training Requirements

Occupational training must be directly related to the applicant’s field of study or occupation. The training can include workplace-based training for registration requirements, skills improvement, or capacity building overseas. It should provide structured workplace training to enhance the applicant’s skills in their eligible occupation, field of study, or area of expertise.

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Assessing Health and Character Requirements

Applicants are also required to meet the health and character requirements of the 407 Training Visa. They must have adequate health insurance for the duration of their stay and must not have any outstanding court orders. Applicants also need to prove they are of good character, often by providing police certificates or other relevant information to assess their suitability to enter and stay in Australia.

Application Process for the 407 Training Visa

The application process for the 407 Training Visa involves several key steps including completing the visa application, gathering of essential documents, and understanding the associated processing times and fees.

Completing the Visa Application

Applicants must initiate the process by lodging an online application through the Department of Home Affairs’ ImmiAccount. It is crucial to fill out all sections accurately, providing specific information about the proposed training and how it fits the visa conditions. The sponsor must have lodged a nomination application for the applicant prior to the visa application.

Gathering Essential Documents

A comprehensive list of essential documents should accompany the visa application:

  • Passport: A valid passport is mandatory.
  • Identification Documents (IDs): This includes birth certificates and national ID cards.
  • Other Documents: Documentation proving the sponsor’s legitimacy will also be needed.
  • Medical Form: Depending on the country of residence and training duration, applicants may need a completed medical examination form.

Understanding the 407 Visa Processing Time and Fees

  • Visa Processing Time: The time frame can vary, often taking weeks or months, depending on the complexity of the visa application. On average, it takes about 3 to 4 months.
  • Application Fee: Applicants will have to pay a fee of AUD 405.00

Lastly, it’s recommended to be on the lookout for updates regarding the visa grant via your ImmiAccount.

Sponsorship and Nomination for the 407 Visa

Securing a 407 Training Visa requires compliance with specific obligations by both the sponsor and the nominee. It involves a two-step process where a sponsor must be approved and a nomination must be lodged detailing the training programme.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Sponsor

The sponsor for a 407 Visa is typically an organisation such as an employer, a government agency, or a foreign consulate. To become an “approved sponsor,” the entity must demonstrate their lawfulness and capability to offer structured workplace-based training. It includes providing evidence of financial funds documents and proving their capacity building abilities. An approved sponsor is held accountable for the visa holder during their stay, ensuring adherence to visa conditions, including membership and licensing requirements.

  • Ensure lawful operation
  • Propose structured training
  • Meet financial funds documents criteria
  • Support visa holder’s capacity building
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The Nomination Process Explained

For a 407 Visa nomination, the sponsor must detail the specific training programme, including how it relates to the visa applicant’s occupational development. The nomination application should explicitly outline the training objectives, duration, and how the programme meets the occupational needs for capacity building overseas or licensing within Australia. A temporary activities sponsor must illustrate that the programme provides practical, workplace-based training and is not used for standard employment.

  • Lodging a nomination application
  • Structuring training for occupational development
  • Aligning with capacity building overseas
  • Focusing on practical experience, not employment

The sponsoring entity must ensure that the nomination application is consistent with the conditions of the Employer Nomination Scheme and adheres to the regulations of a Commonwealth Government Agency or appropriate body. Sponsorship proof is essential and must accurately reflect the nature of the training and the capacity of the organisation to host the nominee.

Living in Australia on a 407 Visa

The 407 Training Visa allows individuals to enhance their professional skills while experiencing life in Australia. This temporary visa offers both personal growth opportunities and cultural exchange.

Visa Conditions and Length of Stay

The Subclass 407 Training Visa is designed for people seeking to improve their skills in a workplace-based training environment. It’s a temporary visa that generally grants stay for up to 2 years. Applicants must meet certain eligibility criteria, including having an invitation letter from an Australian organisation and providing qualification documents to support their application. They must also have private health insurance for the duration of their stay and adhere to the Australian values statement.

Including Family Members and Dependents

Holders of the 407 Visa may include family members in their application, such as a spouse, de-facto or registered relationship partner, and dependent children. These subsequent entrants must meet additional eligibility criteria and provide necessary documents such as parental consent forms if applicable. The cost for including family members varies and can be significant, so applicants should ensure financial preparedness for the additional charges.

Participating in Community and Volunteer Activities

Visa holders are encouraged to engage with the community and participate in volunteer activities to further their understanding of Australian culture. However, the primary purpose of the visa must remain the participation in a structured workplace-based training program. It’s important to note that the 407 Visa is not a pathway to permanent residency. Still, it provides valuable practical experience and professional development which can be beneficial for future career endeavours or visa applications.

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